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22.8.1968 (Thursday)
Coopération technique
Circular (Circ)
Circulaire aux représentations diplomatiques suisses dans les pays en voie de développement concernant la coopération technique avec divers pays d'Afrique, d'Asie et d'Amérique latine.
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Sacha Zala et al. (ed.)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland, vol. 24, doc. 101

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Zürich/Locarno/Genève 2012

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Technical cooperation

Burundi (General) Kenya (General) Malawi (General) Ethiopia (General) Zambia (General) Lesotho (General) Botswana (General) Swaziland (General) India (General) Pakistan (General) Nepal (General) Malaysia (General) Sri Lanka (General) Thailand (General) Indonesia (General) Turkey (General) Peru (General) Panama (General) Ecuador (General) Bolivia (General) Paraguay (General) Democratic Republic of the Congo (General) Asia Central America (General) South America (General) Rwanda (General) Tunesia (General) Cameroon's (the) (General) Algeria (General) Morocco (General) Egypt (General) Africa (General) Benin (General) Chad (General) Nigeria (General) Ivory Coast (General) Ghana (General) Burkina Faso (General) Senegal (General) Guinea (General) Tanzania (General) Madagascar (General)



Bolivia/GovernmentBurundi/Rotes KreuzCoopDemokratische Republik Kongo/Spital KintamboEcuador/GovernmentFDFA/Swiss Agency for Development and CooperationFDHA/Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and TechnologyGeneva/CantonGeneva/CityHelvetasIndia/GovernmentIndo-Swiss Project KeralaInter-American Development BankInternational Committee of the Red CrossKamerun/RegierungMissionary Department of the Protestant Churches of French-speaking SwitzerlandNational CouncilNestlé IndiaOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentPakistan/PSTCPakistan/StaatParaguay/GovernmentPeru/Ministry of Economy and FinancesPeru/National BankRwanda/GovernmentSchweizerische Botschaft in AbidjanSolidar SuisseSwiss Embassy in AbujaSwiss Embassy in AccraSwiss Federal CouncilSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in ZurichSwiss Foundation for Technical AssistanceSwiss Protestant AidSwiss Red CrossSwiss Watch FederationSwissaidTanzania/University of Dar es SalaamTRAFIPROUNOUNO/Food and Agriculture Organization

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