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26.2.1974 (Tuesday)
Procès-verbal no II de la 7e séance du Conseil fédéral (20.2.1974)
Minutes of negotiations of the Federal Council (PVCF-D)
La lutte contre le terrorisme justifie la relance de la Police mobile intercantonale, mais il sera difficile de vaincre le cantonalisme. Le Conseil fédéral discute notamment du rapport sur la question jurassienne et des mesures pour rééquilibrer les finances. Soljenitsyne est arrivé en Suisse.
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Security policy

Terrorism Taiwan (Politics) Jura Question (1947–)



China/Embassy in BernCommission confédérée de bons offices pour le JuraEMD/Kommission für Militärische LandesverteidigungFDEA/Federal Office for Industry, Trade and LaborFDF/Federal Finance AdministrationFDJP/Federal PoliceFederal AssemblyFederal ChancelleryFederal Department for Foreign AffairsFederal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and SportFederal Department of FinanceFederal Department of Home AffairsFederal Department of Justice and PoliceFederal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy, and CommunicationsFMD/2nd Army CorpsFMD/3rd Army CorpsFMD/4th Army CorpsInterkantonale Mobile PolizeiNational CouncilNational Council/Petitions CommitteeRassemblement jurassienSchweiz/Armee/HeerespolizeiSwiss ArmySwiss Embassy in BerlinSwiss Federal CouncilSwitzerland/Federal Administration

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