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1.7.1992 (Wednesday)
No 1239. Maison de l'environnement à Genève
Minutes of the Federal Council (PVCF)
Vu les besoins en locaux concernant les organisations internationales s'occupant de questions relatives à l'environnement, le principe de la création d'une «Maison de l'environnement» à Genève est accepté.

Également: Proposition du DFAE du 26.6.1992 (annexe).
Également: Co-rapport du DFI du 30.6.1992 (annexe).
Également: Réponse du DFAE du 30.6.1992 (annexe).
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Building Foundation for International OrganisationsCERNConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and FloraFDF/Federal Finance AdministrationFDFA/Directorate of International OrganizationsFDHA/Federal Office for the EnvironmentFDJP/Federal Office of JusticeFederal AssemblyFederal Department for Foreign AffairsFederal Department of FinanceFederal Department of Home AffairsGeneva/Council of StateInternational Academy of the EnvironmentInternational Environment HouseInternational Union for the Conservation of NatureSwiss Federal CouncilSwitzerland/Federal AdministrationUNEP/Global Resource Information DatabaseUNO/Economic and Social CouncilUNO/ECOSOC/Commission on Sustainable DevelopmentUNO/Environment ProgrammeUNO/General AssemblyUNO/SecretariatUNO/UNEP/SecretariatUNO/United Nations Conference on Environment and DevelopmentWWF

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