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Indochinakonferenz (1954)/Chinesische Delegation
Conférence de Genève pour l'Indochine (1954)/Délégation chinoise
Conferenza di Ginevra (1954)/Delegazione cinese

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26.4.1954-20.7.1954MemberWang, Bingnancf. Politischer Bericht (Nr. 11) vom 25.6.1964, E 2300/1000/716/361, Az.: 130
26.4.1954-20.7.1954ChefZhou Enlai

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Indochinakonferenz (1954)/Chinesische Delegation takes partIndochinakonferenz (1954)

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30.6.19548216pdfPolitical reportChina (General) Impressions chinoises de la Conférence de Genève de 1954. Rezzonico quitte Pékin.