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7.10.1970 (Wednesday)
Rapport d'activité de Charles Tavel
Report (R)
Le Conseiller scientifique aux Ambassades suisses à Washington et Ottawa dresse un bilan sur ses activités et indique les tâches diplomatiques à accomplir. Il fait également des suggestions pour son remplacement.
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Académie américaineAmerican-Swiss Society for Scientific ExchangeCanada/Conseil des sciencesCanada/GovernmentEtats-Unis d'Amérique/Californian Institute of TechnologyETH/ZentralbibliothekFDEA/Federal Office for Industry, Trade and LaborFederal Department for Foreign AffairsInternational Telecommunications Satellite OrganizationSchweizerische Akademie der NaturwissenschaftenSchweizerische Botschaft in OttawaSchweizerische HochschulzeitungSwiss Embassy in WashingtonSwiss National Science FoundationSwiss Science and Technology CouncilSwiss Society of Scientists in the USAUNO/OMS/International Agency for Research on CancerUSA/Atomic Energy CommissionUSA/Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentUSA/Department of the InteriorUSA/Department of TransportationUSA/GovernmentUSA/Ministry of TradeUSA/National Bureau of StandardsUSA/National Science FoundationUSA/Office of Science and TechnologyUSA/State Department

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