Dossier CH-BAR#E5572-01#2010/52#29*

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Archival classification CH-BAR#E5572-01#2010/52#29*
Dossier title Harmonisierungsverhandlungen Vertrag über Konventionelle Streitkräfte in Europa (KSE / CFE) und Wiener Dokument 1992 (WD 92); Vergleich CFE / CFE 1A mit WD 92 in den Bereichen Verifikation und Datenaustausch. Darin: Annual Exchange of Military Information (AEMI) 1993 (1992–1993)
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7.12.199258859pdfTableConfidence and Security-Building Measures (CSBM) Command organization of Switzerland's Military Forces as well as formations and combat units of land forces, amphibious formations, air formations, air combat units and air defence aviation as annual...