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ArchiveThe National Archives
Archival classification UK-NA FO 608/16/26
Dossier title Liechtenstein: Desiderata (1919–1919)

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11.6.191955381pdfLetterThe Vorarlberg question (1919)
The Prince of Liechtenstein has taken up residence in the principality, undoubtedly to demonstrate his position as sovereign. This is all the more necessary since this is the fourth visit to his...
23.4.191955492pdfLetterThe Vorarlberg question (1919) The Vorarlberg question and it's realisation can be put into perspective: The French-speaking cantons do not want Switzerland to be made overwhelmingly German, the Protestants are not eager to...
21.7.191955495pdfMemoThe Vorarlberg question (1919) Liechtenstein wants to enter the League of Nations. In case of a Swiss incorporation of the Vorarlberg, the principality would be an enclave surrounded by Swiss territory.