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Advokaturbureau Dr. F. Trüssel, Dr. Hans Matti, Th. Gullotti, Dr. K. Fehr
Cf. lettre du 17.11.1945, E 2001(E)1967/113/vol. 435.
cf. E 2500/1/25, dossier Jaeger, lettre du 9.9.1954, autre collaborateur: Dr. R. v. Graffenried.
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AssociateMatti, HansCf. E 2001(E)1968/78, vol. 341, B.51.322.04. U'Chemise : Eidg. Bank, lettre du 16.6.1944.
1918 ...AssociateTrüssel, Friedrich
Cf. lettre du 17.11.1945, E 2001(E)1967/113/vol. 435.

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