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USA/Consulate General in Sydney
USA/Generalkonsulat in Sydney
USA/Consulat général à Sydney
USA/Consolato generale a Sydney
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika/Generalkonsulat in Sydney
United States of America/Consulate General in Sydney
États-Unis/Consulat général à Sydney
Stati Uniti/Consolato generale a Sydney

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1915–1919General ConsulBrittain, Joseph Isaiah

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19.2.191759338pdfLetterForeign interests M. Rutty offre sa démission en tant que Consul honoraire, car représenter les intérêts allemands signifie un travail supplémentaire pour lequel il n'est pas rémunéré et ne reçoit pas de personnel...
25.11.191959355pdfReportForeign interests Visiting camps and providing financial support to German citizens in Sydney were among the main activities. This also led to an increased number of correspondences between the German, Australian and...