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USA/Botschaft in Lissabon
USA/Ambassade à Lisbonne
USA/Ambasciata a Lisbona

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Persons linked to this organisation (8 records found)
18.6.1947-15.3.1948AmbassadorWiley, John CooperAppointed: April 10, 1947. Vgl.
2.6.1952-1.8.1953AmbassadorCannon, Cavendish WellsAppointed: March 13, 1952. Vgl.
18.2.1955-27.11.1958AmbassadorBonbright, James Cowles HartAppointed: January 24, 1955. Vgl.
13.1.1959-31.8.1963AmbassadorElbrick, Charles BurkeAppointed: October 29, 1958. Vgl.
1972–1985AmbassadorHolmes, Henry Allen
23.1.1974-12.1.1975AmbassadorScott, Stuart NashAppointed: December 19, 1973. Vgl.
25.5.1990–3.9.1993AmbassadorBriggs, Everett Ellis
1994–1997AmbassadorBagley, Elizabeth