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Canadian Reinsurance Co

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... 1960 ...PresidentKlaas, MatheusE2010A#1996/397#917*, lettre du 28.10.1960 de la Swiss Reinsurance Company à l'Ambassade du Canada à Berne.[...] "our business in Canada which is conducted partly by our fully-owned subsidiary companies, the Canadian Reinsurance Co., 250 University Avenue, Toronto, and the Canadian Reassurance Co., 425 University Avenue, Toronto, as well as our Branch Office at the first address. Mr. Klaas is President of these two companies. These companies, our Branch Office, as well as we ourselves maintain very considerable funds in Canada and these forms a sufficient guarantee for Mr. Klaas's maintenance during his visits to Canada."

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Canadian Reinsurance Co belongs toSwiss ReE2010A#1996/397#917*, lettre du 28.10.1960