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Peru/Servicio de Investigación y Promoción Agraria
Servicio de Investigacion y Promocion Agraria
Agricultural Research and Development Service
Founded in 1960
Semi-autonomous institution under the Institute of agrarian Reform and Promotion, Ministry of Agriculture

Stand: April 1966:
Head, General Direction; Inz. Oscar Fuster
Head, Technicnl Direction: Ing. Carlos Bohl
Head, Experimentation: Dr. Alexander Grobman
Head, Extension: Ing. Enrique Olivares
Head, Livestock Development: Ing. Grunther Meinhold.
Head, Agricultural Development: Ing. Francisco Valencia

Function: Organisation and administration of technical assistance in agropecuarian activities through research and extension, socio-economic studies and development of specific programs.

Organisation and administration:
There are four units in SIPA: Experimentation, Extension,
Agricultural Development and Livestock Development. The
country is divided into 12 agrarian zones, each under a
director and each divided into the four units mentioned
above. Many members of the SIPA staff teach at the
Universities and some University research is done in
SIPA facilities.

SIPA has a system of branch station3 scattered over the
country. All branch station projects are approved and
supervised from La Molina. In 1964, 2009 projects were
budgeted, each to run about five years. Research interests
in SIPA are presently concerned with corn, beans, potatoes,
rice, forages, small grains, various aspects of animal
husbandry and animal pathology, and soils.
The main experiment stations are: Junín (budget: $67,000),
La Molina (budget: $302,475), Lambayeque (budget: $49,090),
Tingo Marta (budget: $183,760). These are the 1962 budgets.

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