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USA/Ambassade à Vientiane
USA/Botschaft in Vientiane
USA/Ambasciata a Vientiane
Etas-Unis/Ambassade à Vientiane
Vereinigte Staaten/Botschaft in Vientiane
Estati Uniti/Ambasciata a Vientiane

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Persons linked to this organisation (5 records found)
... 1790 ...BotschaftsratRobinson, Reed Counselor of Embassy for Administrative Affairs
1954 ...MinisterYost, Charles
1955 ...AmbassadorYost, Charles
6.1968 - 22.7.1971AmbassadorHummel, Jr, Arthur William
1969 - 1973AmbassadorMcMurtrie Godley, George

Written documents (1 records found)
13.5.197036041pdfLetterLaos (Politics) The United States of America will be most happy to render assistance to Swiss nationals in Laos by providing transportation should the occasion ever require them to do so.