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GB/Botschaft in Kinshasa
GB/Ambassade à Kinshasa
GB/Ambasciata a Kinshasa
Grosbritannien/Botschaft in Kinshasa
Grande-Bretagne/Ambassade à Kinshasa
Gran Bretagna/Ambasciata a Kinshasa
GB/Botschaft in Leopoldville
Grande-Bretagne/Ambassade à Léopoldville
GB/Ambasciata a Leopoldville
Grossbritannien/Botschaft in Leopoldville
GB/Ambassade à Léopoldville
Gran Bretagna/Ambasciata a Leopoldville
Location: Kinshasa

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1960 - 1961AmbassadorScott, Ian Dixon

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23.11.196015262pdfMemoDemocratic Republic of the Congo (Politics) Die Lage der Schweizer Kolonie in Katanga.