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Austria/Embassy in Stockholm
Österreich/Botschaft in Stockholm (1956...)
Austria/Embassy in Stockholm (1956...)
Autriche/Ambassade à Stockholm (1956...)
Austria/Ambasciata a Stoccolma (1956...)
Österreich/Gesandtschaft in Stockholm (...1955)
Autriche/Légation à Stockholm (...1955)
Austria/Legazione a Stoccolma (...1955)

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Persons linked to this organisation (5 records found)
10.12.1951-13.10.1955MinisterZeileissen, Karl
26.9.1956-16.5.1964AmbassadorKrippl, Rudolf
1974-1979AmbassadorKarl Ingmar Roman, Fischer
1974–1979AmbassadorFischer, Karl Ingmar Roman
1990–1992AmbassadorPleinert, Otto