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Young, Janet
Additional names: Young, BaronessYoung, BaronneBaker, Janet MaryYoung, Janet Mary
Gender: female
Reference country: United Kingdom
Nationality: United Kingdom
Activity: Politician

Functions (9 records founds)
MemberUK/Conservative Party
1971–2002MemberUK/ParliamentHouse of Lords/as Peer
1973–1974Parliamentary Under-SecretaryUK/StateParliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment
7.5.1979–14.9.1981MinisterUK/Department of Education
7.5.1979–14.9.1981Minister for Education and Cultural AffairsUK/Government
7.4.1982–11.6.1983Minister without portfolioUK/GovernmentLord Keeper of the Privy Seal/Lordsiegelbewahrer
7.4.1982–11.6.1983Lord Privy SealUK/Government
13.6.1983–13.6.1987MinisterUK/Foreign, Commonwealth and Development OfficeMinister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
13.6.1983–13.6.1987Minister of Foreign AffairsUK/Government

Mentioned in the documents (1 records found)
30.9.198566333pdfWeekly telexUnited Kingdom (General) Teil I/Partie I
- Entretiens du Secrétaire d'État Brunner avec Sir Antony Acland, Sous-Secrétaire d'État du Foreign and Commonwealth Office, à Londres, le 24.9.1985
- UNESCO: 2ème réunion...