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Weck, Colette de
Additional names: Weck, Clotilde deStucki-de Weck, Colette
Gender: female
Reference country: Switzerland
Nationality: Switzerland
Canton of origin: Fribourg (Canton)
Activity: Civil servant
Main language: French
Other languages: German • English
Title/Education: Handelsdiplom
Military grade: no service
Civil status upon entry: single
EDA/BV: Entry FDFA 1.6.1929 • Exit FDFA 30.9.1946
Personal dossier: E2500#1968/86#1016*
Relations to other persons:

Stucki, Carl Theodor is married to Weck, Colette de • 1946–1963

Functions (8 records founds)
1.3.1926 - 1.8.1926SecretaryFreiburg/KantonMinstère Public, vgl. Swissdiplo.
1.9.1926 - 1.8.1927SecretarySwiss VolksbankVgl. Swissdiplo.
1.6.1929 - 31.5.1930MitarbeiterinFederal Department for Foreign AffairsVgl. Swissdiplo.
1.6.1930 - 31.10.1931MitarbeiterinSwiss Embassy in BrusselsVgl. Swissdiplo.
1.11.1931 - 23.7.1934MitarbeiterinFederal Department for Foreign AffairsVgl. Swissdiplo.
24.7.1934 - 31.8.1937MitarbeiterinSchweizerische Botschaft in Buenos AiresVgl. Swissdiplo.
1.9.1937 - 3.8.1939MitarbeiterinFederal Department for Foreign AffairsVgl. Swissdiplo.
4.8.1939 - 30.9.1946MitarbeiterinSchweizerische Botschaft in AthenVgl. Swissdiplo.