Information about Person

Crivelli, Aldo
Gender: male
Reference country: Switzerland
Nationality: Switzerland
Canton of origin: Ticino (Canton)
Activity: Diplomat • Civil servant
Main language: Italian
Other languages: German • French
Title/Education: Handelsdiplom
Activity of the father: Civil servant
Military grade: private
Civil status upon entry: married
EDA/BV: Entry FA 3.3.1944 • Entry FDFA 1.9.1946 • Exit FDFA 30.11.1984
Personal dossier: E2024-02A#1999/137#583*

Functions (18 records founds)
29.3.1966-3.8.1969KanzleiadjunktSwiss Embassy in GuatemalaVgl. E2024-02A#1999/137#583*.
4.8.1969-31.12.1972Consular assistantFederal Department for Foreign AffairsVgl. E2024-02A#1999/137#583*.
1.1.1973-13.11.1973Consular officerFederal Department for Foreign AffairsVgl. E2024-02A#1999/137#583*.
14.11.1973-26.10.1975VizekonsulSwiss Embassy in Havana/Service of foreign interestsVgl. E2024-02A#1999/137#583*.
27.10.1975-31.12.1975VizekonsulSchweizerisches Konsulat in PortoVgl. E2024-02A#1999/137#583*.
1.1.1976-11.1.1977ConsulSchweizerisches Konsulat in PortoCf. Die diplomatischen und konsularischen Vertretungen der Schweiz seit 1798, 1997, p. 303.
12.1.1977-28.10.1982ConsulSwiss Consulate in TurinCf. Historisches Verzeichnis der dipl. und konsularischen Vertretungen der Schweiz seit 1798, 1997, p. 388.
29.10.1982-18.11.1984ConsulConsulate General of Switzerland in BarcelonaVgl. E2024-02A#1999/137#583*.

Mentioned in the documents (2 records found)
4.7.197339066pdfLetterForeign interests
La représentation des intérêts étrangers exige des effectifs suffisants, même en période de restrictions financières.
12.5.197850100pdfReportItaly (Others) Rapporto sulla conferenza consolare di Genova (11-12.5.1978) che presente in gran dettaglio le relazioni bilaterali Italia-Svizzera sotto vari aspetti. Tratta anche della presenza svizzera in Italia,...