Information about Person

Gmür, Otto
Gender: male
Reference country: Switzerland
Nationality: Switzerland
Canton of origin: Saint Gall (Canton)
Activity: Entrepreneur • Diplomat
Main language: German
Other languages: French • English • Spanish
Title/Education: Berufslehre
Military grade: complementary service
EDA/BV: Entry FDFA 31.1.1911 • Exit FDFA 15.3.1922
Personal dossier: E2500#1000/719#162*

Functions (2 records founds)
1898 - 1927AssociateOtto Gmür A.G.Vgl. E2500#1000/719#162*.
31.1.1911 - 15.3.1922Honorar-KonsulSwiss Consulate in ManilaÜbernahm während des Ersten Weltkrieges die deutsche Interessen in Manila, vgl. E2500#1000/719#162*.

Mentioned in the documents (1 records found)
200530435Bibliographical referencePhilippines (the) (General) Highlights of Relations between the Philippines and Switzerland, Manila/Bern, 2005.