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Homberger, Ernst Jakob
Additional names: Homberger-Rauschenbach, Ernst
Gender: male
Nationality: Switzerland
Activity: Entrepreneur
Relations to other persons:

Homberger, Hans Ernst is the child of Homberger, Ernst Jakob

Functions (6 records founds)
1902–1907Assistant DirectorGeorg FischerDirecteur commercial
1907–1923General directorGeorg Fischer
1923–1954Delegate of the Board of DirectorsGeorg Fischer
1927–1955Member of the Board of DirectorsSwiss Bank Corporation
1929–1954President of the Board of DirectorsGeorg Fischer
1932–1947Member of the Bank CouncilSwiss National Bank

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199815706Bibliographical referenceEconomic relations Knoepfli, Adrian: «Von Georg Fischer III zu Ernst Homberger. Die Georg Fischer AG 1890-1940», in: Schaffhauser Beiträge zur Geschichte, 75 (1998), p. 111-160.