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Nippel, Friedrich
Additional names: Nippel, FriederichNippel, Frédéric Albert Ernst
Gender: male
Reference country: Switzerland
Nationality: Switzerland
Activity: Diplomat
Main language: French
Other languages: English • Spanish • German
Military grade: first lieutnant
EDA/BV: Entry FA 1886 • Exit FA 1888 • Entry FDFA 9.5.1919 • Exit FDFA 30.6.1934
Personal dossier: E2500#1000/719#357*

Functions (3 records founds)
1882-1884PraktikantBanque cantonale neuchâteloiseVgl. E2500#1000/719#357*.
1886-1888EmployeeSwiss Federal RailwaysAn der damaligen Eisenbahngesellschaft Jura neuchâtelois, vgl. E2500#1000/719#357*.
9.5.1919-30.6.1934ConsulConsulate General of Switzerland in BarcelonaCf. PVCF No 1673 du 9.5.1919; Cf. PVCF No 2116 du 26.6.1920; Cf. PVCF No 1057 du 5.6.1934.

Mentioned in the documents (1 records found)
199815000Bibliographical referenceSpain (General) 150 años de representación Consular Suiza en Barcelona, Consulado General de Suiza, Barcelona 1998 / 150 anys de representació Consular Suïssa a Barcelona
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