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1939 - 1944
Lonza-Dosssier, Mappe 3: Unterlagen im Zusammenhang mit der "Schwarzen
Information Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland-Second World War (ICE) (UEK)
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1. Interventionen der Lonza in Grossbritannien

- Brief von VR-Präsident Maurice Golay an den britischen Generalkonsul in Basel, L. M. Robinson (23.11.1939):
Golay nimmt Bezug auf drei beigefügte Kopien des letzten Geschäftsberichtes, zu denen er bemerkt: "You will observe from this report that our Company is the owner of LONZA-WERKE G.m.b.H., Waldshut, LONZONA A.G., Säckingen, and KRAFTWERK Reckingen A.G., Reckingen, i.e. three companies constituted under German law. However, as mentioned in our letter to you of the 30th October last, a complete separation of the administration of our German companies from the administration of the Swiss company has been effected already for some time past, viz. several months before the outbreak of the war. (...)
Concerning Mr. Albert Müller, whose name appears in our yearly report as a Manager of LONZA-WERKE G.m.b.H., he is German subject, residing in Germany, but is in charge exclusively of our German interests and has no say whatsoever in the Management of our Swiss company. As a matter of fact, he is not even entitled to bind the Swiss company by his individual or joint signature, and we may add that our German companies do not exercise any influence on the mother company. On the contrary, they have to work according to the directives of our Swiss company within the German law."

- Brief des Schweizerischen Bankvereins an die Bank of England (7.12.1939), unterzeichnet von Golay und Direktor L. La Roche:
gleicher Inhalt wie Schreiben vom 23.11.1939 (s.o.).

2. Exportmengen von Lonza-Unternehmen im Kalenderjahr 1940

a) Gotthardwerke Bodio
Exportziel Menge in kg Faktura-Betrag in SFr

Deutschland (Altreich) 1.520.210 1.106.542,90
Böhmen/Mähren 873.544 723.619,00
Italien 30.316 26.260,00
Total 2.424.070 1.866.421,90

England 66.040 53.343,60
Frankreich 637.400 469.316,20
Total 703.440 522.659,80

b) Lonza
Exportziel Menge in kg Faktura-Betrag in SFr

Deutschland 557.415 577.821,45
Italien 5.368.110 1.463.997,75
Total 5.925.525 2.041.819,20

England 189.871 93.310,75
Frankreich 4.488.718 2.550.354,80
Total 4.678.589 2.643.665,55

(Statistik vom 8.1.1941)

3. Bericht der Firma Price Waterhouse & Co., Zürich über die Besitzverhältnisse bei der Lonza (20.12.1944):

Der Bericht stellt u.a fest, "that so far as we were able to ascertain from a review of the 1939 and 1941 editions of the 'Handbook of German public companies (Aktiengesellschaften)' no German company, in particular I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G., Metallgesellschaft A.G. and their associated German concerns, had any substantial interest in Lonza, except indirectly through Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Metallwerke A.G., Basle, which interest (...) has been disposed of." (S. 21)
Des weiteren geht der Bericht auf die Rolle Albert Müllers ein: "It is our understanding that, although he was registered as having the right of signature on behalf of Lonza (Basle), this was rarely exercised; Mr. Müller resided at Lörrach (...), and his duties as manager of the German subsidiary kept him fully occupied. In 1939, however, a decision was taken to segregate completely the administration of the German subsidiaries from that of the parent company and the Swiss subsidiaries, and to place the commercial management of the three German subsidiaries entirely in the hands of Mr. Müller. This decision was officially announced in Lonza's annual report for the year ending March 31, 1940. It was also decided that Mr. Müller should cease to have any official position with Lonza (Basle), and accordingly on October 31, 1939, his right of signature was withdrawn (...). We have been informed that from time to time Mr. Müller visits Basle, when he makes verbal reports of Lonza's general manager on matters of interest relating to the German subsidiaries. He is then informed of the views of yourself [gemeint ist Golay] and the general manager [Ernst Schenker.] regarding the matters upon which he reports, but apart from this, the management of the German companies is a purely German concern. Mr. Müller, however, is given no information as to the Swiss companies, and has no voice in their management." (S. 29f.)

Der Bericht führt ausserdem aus, "that certain members of the board of Lonza, are also represented on the boards of the company's
German subsidiaries. We were informed that they take no active part in the management of the German companies, and that in fact the general meetings of Lonzona and Reckingen have, during the past few years, been of a formal nature only, and that the Swiss members have not attended, nor have they been able to receive detailed accounts and other data regarding the subsidiaries." Die Leitung der Lonza-Werke G.m.b.H. sei ausschliesslich - de jure wie de facto - in den Händen Müllers. (S. 38f.)
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