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1942 - 1946
NARA; RG 226 (Office of Strategic Services) 190/5/26/02, COI/OSS Central Files 1942-1946 (Entry 92); Allgemeine Notiz UEK zum Bestand
Information Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland-Second World War (ICE) (UEK)
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Summary of relevant Office of Strategic Services documents of interest to the UEK

Folders analyzed:

RG 226 (Office of Strategic Services) 190/5/26/02
COI/OSS Central Files 1942-1946 (Entry 92)
Box 2 Folder 19                    Intelligence topics for US agents in Switzerland February 1942
Box 20 Folder 95                    Axis Finances, Deutsche Bank March 1944
Box 59 Folder 65                    German Financial Policy for Europe
Box 63 Folder 15                    Memos regarding dangerous agents in Switzerland
Box 101 Folder 22-24          OSS Office in Bern, Switzerland-Operations. Allen Dulles
Box 102 Folder 4                    Visit of former German Finance Minister H. Schacht
Box 217 Folder 23-24          Switzerland - OSS objectives 1943
Box 303 Folder 11          Intelligence Reports concerning German agents in Switzerland
Box 316 Folder 60          Contacts in Switzerland June 1943
Box 414 Folder 5 - 7          Reports from Office of War Information & Weekly summaries for Elmer & More cables and reports from Bern
Box 444 Folder 25          Walter Bosshard, Swiss journalist
Box 468 Folder 42          OSS, Plans to subvert Anti Nazi German generals
Box 495 Folder 8                    Sofindus
Box 502 Folder 3                    Key German businessmen linked with German espionage
Box 503 Folder 4                    Economic intelligence correlation
Box 524 Folder 38          Switzerland, Special Operations Program
Box 528 Folder 31          Smuggling
Box 535 Folder 26          Documents and cover requirements for crossing from Switzerland to Germany
Box 554 Folder 30          German present offer to release Hungarian Jews
Box 556 Folder 7                    German present offer to release Hungarian Jews
Box 557-558                    Notes by Allen Dulles on his relations with Hans B. Gisevius
Box 598 Folder 5                    Joint Intelligence Committee Meeting
Box 598 Folder 16          Switzerland, Wehrli and Company
Box 611 Folder 28          Economic intelligence correlations
Box 612 Folder 1-2          Economic intelligence correlations
Box 612 Folder 27          Brief notes to assist General Donovan with Kilgore Committee

Important terminology in the files:
ECONIC - Economic Intelligence Correlation: The OSS division created in May 1945 that was responsible for monitoring all Safehaven and other economic intelligence material received by the agency. Gardiner S. Platt is the SI (Strategic Intelligence) representative in the ECONIC office, and serves as its head. He is assisted by Captain Malcolm W. Callanan. Platt's code name is Jetsam (according to memo from Shepardson to Divisional Deputies and Chairman Reporting Board, SI, 19.5.1945. Copied.). ECONIC was dissolved at the end of June 1946, and most of its personnel were transferred to the newly-created financial intelligence division.

The Black List - This was the generic term used to describe the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals maintained by the US government during the war. It was abandoned on 30.6.1946, which coincided with the closing of the ECONIC division of the OSS.

N.B.: The reason for the dissolution of ECONIC and the ending of the Black List is quite clear from the changes in the manner of reports filed by ECONIC: whereas in the summer of 1945, the vast majority of information gathered dealt with firms and individuals with Nazi connections, in the winter of 1945 ECONIC became increasingly interested in the Soviet Union's economic activities, particularly in Central Europe. By the time of ECONIC's dissolution the following summer, a rather significant part of its reports deal with Soviet economic moves.  The Cold War is gaining momentum, and interest in denazification and the monitoring of Nazi assets is of decreasing interest to the US intelligence establishment. Yet despite the increasing attention paid to Soviet economic affairs, ECONIC continued to devote a large amount of its resources and attention to the latter subject. One can surmise that the OSS's director, General Donovan, decided to reorganize the OSS's economic intelligence branch in June 1946 in order to create a division that more closely fit the agency's new mission of spying on the Soviets, rather than devoting energy to a war by then a year in the past. The summer of 1946 marks the effective end of any OSS/CIA systematic effort to gain information on Nazi assets and economic activities.

Important US Officials referred to in the files:

Edward Campion Acheson: Chief, Division of Economic Intelligence, SI-ETO
Herbert J. Cummings: Assistant Chief, Division of Foreign Activity Correlation, Dept. of State
Glenn F. Hall: assistant to Platt
Homer Hall: Chief of Western Europe Section of OSS???
Col. William Maddox: Chief, P Branch, Office of SI
Gardiner S. Platt: See description above; assisted by Malcolm W. Callanan
E.E. Schnellenbacher: Chief of the Special Services and Intelligence Branch of Dept. of Commerce (Foreign Economic Administration)
Whitney H. Shepardson: Chief, SI
Walter S. Surrey: Chief, Division of Economic Security Controls, Dept. of State (assisted by Harry Kahn, Jr.)
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